The Inhabited Island ★★★

An enjoyable comic-book style romp through a sci-fi dystopia featuring a futuristic earth-like planet, lead by a group of anynmous leaders who are either the planets savoir or its downfall.

While this film isn't amazing, and falls quite cleanly into a non-hollywood blockbuster, I feel it hasn't had enough recognition.

Although, I was confused for a brief period, as the film has been re-released as 'Dark Planet' in 2015 (which is how I rented it), yet appears no different from the original 2008 version. Having not seen a version marked as 'The Inhabited Island', I can't say if any cuts were made that change it, or if it's just an attempt to get some money.

Should I...
Rent it? I'd recommend it!
Buy this on DVD? Sure! If you're not looking for anything too serious.
Buy this on Bluray? That might be going a little too far.