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  • The BFG

    The BFG


    Why Spielberg? Why! Why did you make a two hour children's movie with no plot? Not that I demand an adult narrative for The BFG but nothing happens. I feel no stakes, I feel no wonderment and you don't give me Rafe Spall until the third act! I mean there's good film making, some fluid one takes that we expect for Spielberg and Janusz but you cast Bill Hader as a giant and I can't even tell which one is…

  • Orange County

    Orange County


    Why does one choose to watch Orange County? It's the kind of movie made to be played on Comedy Central because it's very short, basic premise, vignette-esque and you can jump in at any point. I'd consider myself a fan of high school/college comedies and with a stacked cast of comedy legends (Catherine O'Hara, Lily Tomlin), comedy up and comers (Jack Black) and general charmers (Colin Hanks) I assumed this would be a delightful watch. Alas, this short story of…

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  • 25th Hour

    25th Hour


    As a lover of Spike Lee Joints I was always hesitant of 25th Hour. Sure I love Edward Norton whether he's playing Smoochy or a Neo Nazi but a Spike Lee movie with a mostly white cast kept me skeptical. While I still haven't found out what motivated Lee to make it, I'm very glad he did. The film follows Monty, a former drug dealer, on his last free night before going to prison for 7 years. The story is…

  • Passengers



    A Men's Rights Activist's wet dream.