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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    I'm in infatuated with Anna Biller's ambition. Being a writer, director, producer, editor, costume and production designer for a film is no walk in the park and yet she accomplishes a 1960's occult period piece effortlessly. The Love Witch is a feminist twist love story/mystery involving the titular female Elaine (Samantha Robinson) trying to catch a man using potions and spells. The film performs best when it's using camp and satire to comment on dating culture, masculinity and expectations in…

  • Jason X

    Jason X


    Finally, a cheap gimmick worked! Setting a Friday the 13th sequel 455 years in the future and filling the cast with Canadian/Andromeda actors and give them ridiculous mid drift heavy costumes is perfect. Somehow New Line allotted them just enough money to make decent sci-fi effects that it didn't age as terribly as many other films of that era. You get the best kills of the series with frozen face smashing, vent sucking and robot decapitation. It's stupidly written but…

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  • 25th Hour

    25th Hour


    As a lover of Spike Lee Joints I was always hesitant of 25th Hour. Sure I love Edward Norton whether he's playing Smoochy or a Neo Nazi but a Spike Lee movie with a mostly white cast kept me skeptical. While I still haven't found out what motivated Lee to make it, I'm very glad he did. The film follows Monty, a former drug dealer, on his last free night before going to prison for 7 years. The story is…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    I rewatched this with my friend over the weekend and we couldn't stop repeating how perfect it is. Also how it seems like a pretty accurate representation of our fast approaching future.