Aliens ★★★★★

As the debate of superiority between Alien and Aliens rages on, I've never quite been able to fascine myself to a side. They're both perfect movies in their respective genres and both are instrumental in moving the genre forward. The suspense Ridley Scott's film builds is insurmountable in the way he makes a spaceship cavernous and haunting. What I love about Cameron's take more than the action aspect is the more time spent with Stan Winston's breathetaking and horrifying creatures. The scene in which Ripley unkowningly runs into the haterchry and follows the birthing tube that leads to one large queen is still shocking. You witness it in the similar awe inspiring way as Ripley though aware it spells bad news. Where Aliens lacks in the amount of cat screen time and jazz hands, it makes up for in spectacle. Thirty years later the effects are astounding and believable. I have no interest in going to space because those xenomorphs are waiting for me. Space marines can go and handle those guys, I'll stay home with Jonesy.

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