Avatar ★★★

Poor Avatar. It's amazing that the highest grossing film of all time can be so forgettable. This is mostly due to the fact that it's made to be seen on the big screen in 3D where other massive blockbusters like Cameron's previous hit Titanic translates into any format. That can be attributed to the fact that it's a moving love story woven into a historical epic. Avatar's Pocohantas narrative is extremely lack lust. It doesn't help that it's so unsubtle (unobtainium, really?) and the voiceover by Sam Worthington's Jake seems to have no trust in the audience to figure out for themselves what's going on. It's harder to look past the hand holding plot and enjoy the spectacle when it's not in its intended 3D. Still, there are some breathtaking moments, especially in the slow motion action scenes where Cameron is specifically lowering the speed so you can absorb his achievement. The motion capture technique is unmatched and the final showdown between the Navi and the military is phenomenal. I'm annoyed that the success of this film kicked off the 3D craze that I'm not invested in because most films do not need that element or deserve the extra $5 it costs to see it. I also just wish this movie was better if it's going to hold this place in film history with the ranks of Titanic and Gone With the Wind I want it to be worthy and sadly it misses the mark.

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