Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★½

This movie is insane. The Fast and Furious series has stepped up from dudes racing cars and occasional heists to super humans that can ram cars through cement walls, flip buses and pull 10,000 ton vaults without any bodily harm. It's more action fantasy but sticks to it's core values of cars and family.
With Fast 5 we find the gang being brought back together to take down the kingpin of Rio. Major characters from the franchise are all needed to complete this mission with the addition of The Rock as a loose cannon special agent tracking down Toretto's crew. The biggest improvement was the removing of any possible racing scenes. They were always my least favorite and now have been replaced with really awesome car chases/stunts. There's even clear moments that you expect to see a race and they just cut away with the assumptions that they won, of course.
I will say this movie is the most fun one yet because all the rules are out the door. It has the freedom to be over the top, let the characters be the badasses the audience demands. Do I love it? Sadly not. It's still not my genre. I think no matter how good a car based action movie is, it's not going to fully grab me because I'm not overwhelmed by it. I do appreciate this for being more exciting and coming into its own. Now if there were dragons or dinosaurs then maybe this would get the 4+ stars it deserve. Are you hearing me Hollywood?

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