Just Mercy

Just Mercy ★★★★

Steven was surprised when leaving the cinema I said I'd give this 4 stars after we had brought up some of its flaws and hollowness in terms of harnessing your sympathies. I countered by saying I'm a sucker for legal dramas, particularly for a narrative of civil rights (I also gave Marshall 4 stars). The movie exists as a message to preach of the injustices and continual sins of America, southern or otherwise and a vehicle for heavy pathos performances. Jamie Foxx is incredibly naturalistic who you feel every once of his pain and draining hope. Brie Larson has not much to do here and honestly, you don't need her as this should be a story told be the black community who is bucking the system which oppresses them. Jordan plays pursed lips and must delivery the resounding inspirational speeches which I'm fine with because you're so behind him, needing him to win. It's a movie that will leave you pummeled with heartbreak and a worthy reminder of our fractured legal system. Should I switch careers?

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