Muppets Haunted Mansion

Muppets Haunted Mansion ★★★

Damn, synergy is a bitch. I’m far from a Muppets expert (Christmas Carol is the only piece of Muppet content I know well) but this special feels very cheap. Maybe it’s pandemic restrictions or that Bob Chapek decided a few weeks ago that Disney plus needed more Halloween material but the effects, the plot and the sound mixing are very thrown together. I’ll give it the praise of being cute. Seeing the felt gang as ghosts interacting with celebrities will always make me smile. Of course, I’m a basic bitch that loves Disneyland so I like the motions of being on ride, seeing dueling spirits and doombuggies. I’m down to have Fozzie Bear be hatbox ghost and Taraji P Henson be the infamous axe murdering bride but all the jokes have such awkward pacing, like no one rehearsed. I wish the quality was there to distract me from the forced nature of the converging IP.

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