My Blind Brother

My Blind Brother ★★★½

This film's most impressive feat is that it made Nick Kroll a believable romantic lead. Of course in a man-child sense a la Seth Rogen but still, I never thought I'd have to remind myself not to be attracted to Kroll. He comes off so charismatic which I have to attribute to the script as he's quite pompous in real life. Jenny Slate gives a fantastic performance, as she has the most emotionally weighty scenes. She's introduced at a funeral grieving an ex-boyfriend who she feels culpable in his death. All her moments felt genuine and with the trio (including the titular brother played by Adam Scott), they mesh so well together. It's less of the laugh-out-loud comedy you'd respect from these actors who mostly come from a stand-up background, but it works well as a romance. It's something sweet that I can see myself returning to when a need to watch some on-screen love or if I want to see Slate in a non-abortion situation.

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