Sleepwalkers ★★★

Well this is a weird one. Throughout Stephen King's career we've come to accept that some of his output is cocaine fueled fever dreams (see Maximum Overdrive). 1992's Sleepwalkers falls into that vain of so bad it's good because it's bat shit crazy. It's hard to decide where to start with a movie full of missteps whether you hone in on the incestuous mother/son relationship of the cat like shapeshifts or the fact that they are both the villains and the main characters but not in a well thought out anti-hero way and more of we-forgot-to-introduce-the-heroine-till-fifteen-minutes-in or that the heroine Tanya (Twin Peaks' Mädchen Amick) is overshadowed by the real hero, the deputy's tabby cat Clovis, who doesn't show up until 40 minutes in! So besides being gross and creepy, it's appallingly structured. No character motivation or rules of the shapeshifters reality make sense, for example when the son sleepwalker Charles (Brian Krause) does a personality 180 and becomes a jaunty Michael J Fox character as he tries to assault Tanya. I know I'm throwing a lot out there but this is a movie you have to see for yourself and I encourage you to. It's a perfect group watch to ridicule the insanity put on screen. Plus there's so many cats! What other movie is going to deliver this kind of cat based action!?

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