Terminator Genisys ★★★

While none of the sequels will compare to the first two Terminator films, the franchise has found ways to churn out fun popcorn flicks. The biggest issue with this film is that it just doesn't need to exist. Judgement Day was a natural progression from the original story of Terminator but all of the sequels after have felt like extraneous filler, forcefully making up timelines to keep the franchise chugging along. While the edition may be more fun than the "Take Me Serious" Terminator Salvation, it's still a movie that is convoluted for convoluted sake.

Genisys draws heavily from the original film but takes this Back to The Future 2 route of what if Kyle Reese (this time played by Jai Courtney) travelled back to 1984 but it's a different 1984 where Sarah Conner (now Emilia Clarke) was prepared for Reese's arrival and Judgement Day is now in 2017 so they and the Terminator who raise Sarah (still played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) must travel forward to stop a new Skynet. See how overly confusing that was! And I just scratch the surface, you're still gonna meet a bunch of unimportant characters that will appear for a scene or two to further the plot and then are never heard of again. There are a lot of great machine on machine action sequences though. Everyone should love a Terminator battle and it sure delivers on that. The return of Arnold is also a reminder of while he may not be a box office draw anymore his charm is still there that made him a star in the 80's.

Do you need to see this movie? No. Just watch the originals. But if you really want to, you won't be bored though don't over think anything.

Highlight: While it's hard to fill the shoes of Linda Hamilton, Emilia Clarke does as much justice as she can to the iconic Sarah Conner. She has the intensity and focus Hamilton brought to the role of the independent machine destroyer we expect to see from Sarah.

Lowlight: This is more of a marketing low point but so much of the movie (plot twists etc) were given away in the trailer. If the trailer had been more conservative or mysterious I may have like the unexpected direction of this film but you know all the beats it going to hit because you saw that trailer.

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