The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★½

Maybe Godfather Part 2 was hyped up too much with its iconic status but I found this sequel far less enjoyable than the original. The acting and directing is still phenomenal but the story lacks. In the first movie Michael (Al Pacino) has an interesting story arc as a family outsider becomes a vengeful mob boss. In Part 2 Michael plateaus has he goes from bad guy to even more bad guy. The most interesting aspect was the telling of Vito Corleone's introduction to organized crime as he immigrates to America. This timeline was a great divergent from Michael who spends most of the 50's in litigation over a Cuba deal with a Miami boss. At first there is an even distribution of the timelines but I soon realized it favored Michael and gave Vito the short end of the stick. We don't really see his rise to power but just a glimpse into his early life. It felt like a tease to a better movie (though that better movie may just be Once Upon A Time In America).
The beginning promises on a movie that it doesn't deliver. I wanted this great Godfather movie but it really felt long and hit some of the beats already done in part one. Vito's storyline should have been the focal point instead we get a more stuck in a rut legal plot. Part One was so original, Part Two can't compete.

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