The Stepford Wives ★★★

So maybe Frank Oz doesn't improve as much as I had assumed his remake would but his 2004 comedic take on The Stepford Wives is a helluva lot of fun. Leaning hard into the campiness this is Stepford on crack with pastel dresses, pastel homes and platinum hair dos for the fembot women that the movie wastes no time hiding. It's a similar set up if Joanna (Nicole Kidman) and her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) movie to the Connecticut town of Stepford to get away from the big city but this movie in general has a lot more justifications that expand the narrative. Here Joanna is a former television creative director who specialized in sensational, battle of the sexes type reality TV. After being fired, she has a nervous breakdown that prompts their relocation. With the characters being more cartoonish and big (look no further than Joanna's new friends Bobbie, a bohemian Bette Midler and flamboyant architect Roger played by the always fabulous Roger Bart) they still have more backstory and depth than those in the 1975 version which spent most of its time with the bored homemaker version of Joanna. It's a thematically richer retelling as it has the context of the modern day career woman making the delicate patriarchy tremble prompting this return to the 50's dream of the stay at home, subservient wife. It ups the anti and goes all out bonkers town and while not the laugh out loud that I'd hope for, it's still a great time.

Glenn Close tho.