Train to Busan ★★★★

The Train to Busan is what World War Z would have been if done correctly. Usually big budget horror spells disaster but in this South Korean film's case, it maintains an indie sensibility by being contained in a single location. The extra money allows Busan to step out in the fresh air every once in awhile at least before it must retreat to shelter on the rapid locomotive. You fall in love with the characters sadly to it's detriment because even though it's a brightly lit movie, it goes some dark places, killing many of the friendly faces we get to know. It probably loves it's characters too much as some of the emotional beats over stay their welcome during the two hour run time. The film really excels at grappling with the questions of what is humanity and what is our role in society as humans. As the infect ravish on the living, those still conscious must decide whether to help their fellow man or look out for number one. It's not the first time a genre film has taken on this concept but it sure does it well. For rotting corpses, the zombies here feel fresh as they move faster than the frames and look like at any moment could break into Thriller. During an era where I'd say studios shouldn't be making horror films, I'll allow Korea to be the exception.

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