Under the Silver Lake

Best Worst Movie of 2019.

Every time Under The Silver Lake posits an interesting morsel commenting on the superficial workings of Los Angeles, the film industry, pop culture and paranoia, it is immediately followed up by something so egregious that makes me want to punch this pompous hipster and director in the face. Mitchell is so up his own ass, wanting to show off that he “understands” classic cinema that his glaring brags of unsubtle references are aggravating. Whether intentional or not the film’s protagonist(?) is one of the most off putting leads ever presented on screen as Sam’s aimlessness and aloofness that gets him drenched in pussy sums up everything terrible about white men in LA. Even if we’re supposed to understand that Sam sucks, the objectification of women in this film is overwhelming.

Whatever this is supposed to be, it either achieves it perfectly and is bad for doing so or is unaware of what it’s doing and is hilarious bad in its ineptness. 5 stars.

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