Witching & Bitching ★★★½

Sometimes bad titles happen to good movies. That's the case withWitching & Bitching, a super natural comedy from Spain about male robbers on the run who stop in a small border inhabited by a blood thirsty coven. The title is apropos for the content as the male comradery centers around a mutual hate towards the women who have (figuratively) castrated them. The film plays on gender stereotypes of women always to portrayed as crazy or manipulative and the contrast that these same chauvinist men also fear homosexuality. These ideas are wrapped up in gross out humor and more elaborate set pieces than the budget of this film can handle. I can excuse the crude special effects as they're saved for the finale and it's been a well crafted story up to this point. The plot that takes us along the ride for a mascot stick up, drive through the Spanish country side and chased through the corridors of a decrepit mansion, it's fun just to get to know all the characters. If I wasn't dedicating so much time to reading the speedy subtitles, there's great visual humor. It's worth watching twice to take it all in. I curse the distributor who changed the title from its original Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi which translates to The Witches of Zugarramurdi, a perfectly acceptable title. I hope people will find this Netflix gem because until you see the movie, it's the most off putting title I've encountered.

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