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  • The Delicate Art of the Rifle
  • Fish Story
  • All About Eve
  • Miss Lonely

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  • Gamera vs. Barugon


  • Gamera, the Giant Monster


  • Purificacion

  • Theatre of Mr. and Mrs. Kabal


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  • Ultraman: Towards the Future

    Ultraman: Towards the Future


    So this is my very first introduction to the ultraman series (through a bootleg copy I bought in a flea market back in 2000) and the very first Ultraman series I've watched completely from start to finish (through the wonders of the internet).

    Now what's striking about this Ultraman series, other than being an Australian co-production, is the environmentalist message, especially at the second half. However since this is a series made for children and by a large production company,…

  • Aberdeen



    Liminal space

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  • Trailer Town

    Trailer Town


    I fear for the day when A.I. finally discovered this movie and see that humanity has outlived its usefulness

  • Deep Condolences

    Deep Condolences


    I've been to many funerals. And yeah, this kind of thing happens every.single.time. Now, while I recognize the importance of the social aspect of a wake, like how it was used as a gathering event for estranged friends or distant family members, I sometimes wonder how the people closest to the recently deceased feel when they have to ignore their grief or feelings of uncertainty about the future, and fulfill their 'social duty' in that situation.

    This film managed to put me in their shoes...