Halloween ★★★★½

poetic that i end my halloween night off with arguably the best sequel in the franchise, to which i agree with. this movie holds such a special place in my heart, i remember being unbelievably hyped to see this in theaters with my dad and when the day finally came i was out of my mind psyched, i had a grin from cheek to cheek the entire time. this franchise means so much to me, its my favorite horror franchise and i love michael and laurie so damn much you dont even know. my favorite thing about this entire film is the soundtrack, goddamn cody and john poured their heart AND SOUL into it DAYUM, its so fucking good. you can tell each and every person involved was so passionate about this story and its characters and it was a passion project to begin with which i love. 

im gonna go off on a weird tangent, but since this is the last film in my halloween rewatch binge that i started all the way back in september, it feels right to pour MY heart into this review.

halloween means so much to me, no not just the movie. the holiday itself. my dad has always been a huge horror fan, he’s the one that introduced me to all of it and kinda raised me to love halloween over the years, and as ive gotten older ive started to realize why he loves it so much. this time of the year is so special, the leaves falling down, the chilly weather starting to kick but not much, coming home to horror movies on the tv, carving pumkins, pumpkin scented stuff EVERYTHING about it is so perfect to me. i love dressing up every year, i love doing my annual haunted trail, i love going to my dad and his friends halloween parties to watch scary movies with them and laugh at them when they get drunk or do dumb shit. im starting to ramble but hopefully you get the point, the way people feel about christmas? yeah thats the way i feel about halloween. it means so damn much to me. getting kinda emotional writing this because im in the closing hours of the day itself, but yeah ❤️

He’s waited for this night.
He’s waited for me.

I’ve waited for him.

Do you know that I pray every night that he would escape?
What the hell do you do that for?

So I can kill him.

Goodbye Michael.

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