Scream ★★★★★

got the pleasure of watching this in the theater last night, also the day i came back from florida so i had a busy ass day yesterday. meant to log this but i had a halloween party at my parents and i didnt get the chance.

i dont really know what else i can say that hasnt already been said prior. this is a film that i can watch on repeat and never get tired of, its so fun and charismatic. the characters are incredibly written, you genuinely care for each one of them, and the way the film subverts your expectations throughout with the characters is really cool to see. the plot is really simple, not too complicated and not a carbon copy of slashers before. with the direction of wes craven, this film brought us one the most iconic slashers of all time in ghostface. we all love him, ive never met a single person that doesn’t. he/she can be so damn unique with the fact that it can be multiple killers while also being one of your main cast members without you even realizing it, one of the best executed whodunnit stories of all time. 

the kills are incredibly simple and effective, while also taking pages out of halloween 78’s book. theres no stupid paranormal or cult shit to any of this story, just a perfectly executed story about a couple of characters that put on the mask to go kill people that may have wronged them in the past. speaking of that, the ghostface reveals, oh my god. they are by FAR the best in the series. and when that scene comes into play and the way the story is unraveled, to this day blows my mind. its so funny and unsettling to watch. on another side note, the meta is used perfectly in this too, it constantly comments on past horror movies clichés, and also on the tropes that those films have introduced to the genre. the characters also reference a lot of mainstream horror films many times which is cool to see, and OML the way h78 is used in the third act AHHHHHHHGGGGG ITS PERFECTTTTTTTTT.

Ow! You hit me with the phone DICK!!!!

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