Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★

quite possibly my favorite scene in all of star wars is in this very film. anakin and padme looking at eachother from across coruscant. often praised and often overlooked, but its main point in my eyes is almost always overlooked.


this very moment before everything is destroyed.
centuries upon centuries of the republic and the jedi order living in harmony together, providing peace, freedom and justice to even some of the far reaches of the outer rim, when possible. 
this very moment, the two main catalysts in the destruction of everything that had been built and kept prosperous, take a moment to confide in one another from across the city whether they knew they were doing so or not.
its absolutely heart shattering and eerie as hell how much of certain things could have been avoided in this movie. anakin at one point even questions what the jedi order has become, whether or not its worth fighting for their ideals anymore, its almost like these characters are speaking for the audience.

but thats just it, no matter how much of these things could have been done differently, the fall of the republic and the jedi order was certainly inevitable, and it was going to happen regardless of whether or not the characters chose different things or not. this was going to happen.

its really sad to think that, just 20 years earlier, chancellor lina soh and the republic were working together in harmony with the jedi order as SEPARATE organizations, keepers of the peace, to bring the starlight beacon project online to help every person and system they could in the outer rim.

what once was a system used for peace and love and family-like ideals, had slowly turned into mess of a corrupt senate working with an even equally corrupt governing republic to use the jedi as weapons, as soldiers. to twist them into something they thought they could never be, into the very thing they swore to destroy.

the end of an era of peace.

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