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  • Double Mints

    Double Mints

    The director was clearly going for a gloomy, psychological kind of film, but it’s just redundant and pretty stupid. Double Mints is a story about two former classmates who bear the same name – Mitsuo Ichikawa – and end up meeting again after one of them calls the other to tell him that he needs help to bury a woman he has killed. The movie is an attempt at exploring the two men’s relationship and how their mutual past influences…

  • David Lynch Cooking Quinoa

    David Lynch Cooking Quinoa


    ”We’re cooking quinoa. (…) Quinoa is something I like to have for dinner every change I get.”
    – David Lynch

    There are days when you, once dinner cooking time, arrives, suddenly get an extreme craving for a specific type of food. However, sometimes, you might be unsure of how to go about the food preparing and thus decide to consult the internet, perhaps by looking for cooking videos. Luckily for the people out there who crave for quinoa, David Lynch…

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