Malignant ★★★★

So I don’t really know what to rate this yet but I’m just gonna start typing and explain my experience with this crazy thing. I liked it. I just wasn’t expecting what I got, then again I didn’t exactly know what to expect except maybe more stuff that would scare me than make me laugh. The action scenes were in insane and there were multiple set pieces that just layer out so beautifully for different effects (suspense, action, etc). I definitely felt like I wasn’t really into it until it got towards the middle or close to that. I do think this was a very fun movie and it had some horror elements but I didn’t scare me or leave me with this haunting feeling.
Other than that I had a good time, wasn’t sure if I would at first because I had this weird feeling come over me as I took my seat right next to two people and then moments later two people sat on the other side of me. I warmed up to it but it definitely felt lonely at first. It was funny to see such a packed theater full of so many people just verbally making it known what they were thinking through “oh”s and “don’t go in there” and other funny stuff like that. And like I said there was a lot of fun stuff in this that had the whole theater laughing.

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