Promising Young Woman

yeah i just think that having your protag descend into emotional grief and chaos purported partially by being let down by judicial institutions completely failing, and then having her trust those institutions at the end (the framing does not allow to look at it any other way) without zero reason to in story is...... not a good look 

i’d say carey deserves better (she really is amazing and makes magic out of a sometimes hokey preachy script) but she executive produced this so. i know a girl’s gotta work but really  

i enjoyed the nostalgic soundtrack, the washed out 2014 tumblr era neon bubblegum aesthetic worked most of the time (some of the framing shots though? what’s with all the cut off heads), and bo burnham is ridiculously charming in the first half, but so many script choices extended my capacity for suspension of disbelief and the tonal changes made this one of the most inconsistent movies i’ve seen in a long while 

we’ve gone beyond the need for hashtag girl boss white feminism (again 2014 tumblr) but hopefully the critical success of this movie leads to better mainstream movies that explore some of the complex ideas shallowly if at all touched upon in this one

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