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  • Holy Hell

    Holy Hell

    they didn't realize something was off when they looked around for decades and were still surrounded by white people?

  • Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Black Mirror: Crocodile


    katy perry just committed an act of straight up islamphobia in front of my eyes.

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  • Mojave


    I saw this movie today (01/27/2016) and was super turnt to watch another Oscar Isaac feature ok I was ready for that Poe Dameron hammerin 🔨🚀 but that Kanye/Wiz/Amber Rose twitter shit had me on that phone bihhhhhh omfg so unexpected!! I didnt know wtf that movie was talmbot but I kept hearing Oscar Isaac say "brother" to literally every living creature he passed. Then Amber Rose said Kanye likes to get fingered in the bootyhole and I mentally clocked…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    the shade at casting the chick from girls to play a racist ... uncanny.