Four Nights of a Dreamer

Four Nights of a Dreamer ★★

My journey to understand the appeal of Bresson continues with this film (his fifth that I have seen).

Bresson's style is actually palatable in this film. The lack of acting did not bother me so much. Unfortunately the characters are not even remotely interesting. I definitely need to read Dostoevsky's story now to see how Bresson butchered it.

I will give it some praise though. The scene where the woman undresses in front of the mirror was shot beautifully. A few other night time scenes were shot well.

Unfortunately some good cinematography does not make up for dull characters and bad pacing.

If Bresson's parody of action flicks in the middle actually represents how he views all other movies, it is no wonder that his are so lacking in passion, energy, life, or things of interest. I am not surprised that in his interview with Paul Schrader he admitted to not watching any movies anymore.

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