White Boy Rick ★★★½

"White Boy Rick" certainly isn't the best version of itself that it could have been, but it's also not a bad one in any regard. The performances, the tone, the ending - it's all very well thought out. Director Yann Demange even somehow manages to take an utterly disgusting-looking color palette and turn it into a series of lush-looking images. But back to the version of the film that we ended up getting, I couldn't help but feel as though there was something missing in the delivery of this film on a narrative level. Something about the structure and pacing of this piece ultimately left me feeling - miraculously - as though there were both things to be cut and/or expanded upon all throughout. The result is a decidedly off-kilter experience, with some sequences of the movie being more interesting and easier to watch than others. It's not a perfect film, but the ending and lasting thematic coda helps it solidify itself into the memories of the audiences members. Overall, a good effort, featuring what I unfortunately suspect will become one of Matthew McConnaughey's most overlooked performances.