Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

“Do you have any idea what it cost to raise you?”

“You give me a number for how much it cost to raise me and I’m gonna get older and make a lot of money and write you a cheque for what I owe you so that I never have to speak to you again.”

I find myself imagining saying those lines back to my mom because she incessantly reminds me and makes sure I never forget how much she has spent on me and how I basically owe everything to her and how she basically owns everything in my life. I wish I had Lady Bird’s courage to speak up. Anyway, Greta Gerwig did it again. Saoirse’s acting was top notch as always. I really could relate to this film in different levels. I feel so naked, seen through. Ever since high school, I’ve always wanted to leave my country and live in New York instead. Start a life there. This was probably inspired by my love for HIMYM and the films I’ve seen set in New York. So for me this film has really hit home.

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