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  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Miami Vice
  • Millennium Mambo
  • Point Blank

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  • Exodus: Gods and Kings


  • The Savage Five

  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise


  • House of 1000 Corpses


Recent reviews

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Exodus: Gods and Kings

    a big dumb expensive-looking epic by a director who likes to make big dumb expensive-looking epics, so what's to hate? the white-washing, yeah, not great, but i have more of an issue with the bloodless swordfights mandated by the $200 million dollar budget. i mean, come on, out of all the films that ridley scott should have a director's cut for, THIS is the one that would benefit the most from that, and yet... we're just stuck with this weird…

  • The Savage Five

    The Savage Five

    boring as fuck chang cheh take on the awesome idea of a kung fu/western, which makes it particularly unforgivable as to how uneventful and stale this is. cheh directed 8 films in 1974 and it's clear that no one really gave a damn about this being interesting or unique as it could have been.

Popular reviews

  • Nomadland


    every single year we arrive at the shallow end of the filmmaking pool known as awards season, and every single year there's a movie (or several) exactly like nomadland. a touristic faux-docudrama vehicle for the most banal form of misery porn, presenting itself with all the deliberately-adorned signifiers of 'authenticity' and 'deeply-felt emotion' that endear this insidious genre of film to a dishwater-dull critical audience desperate to see any portrait of society that vaguely acknowledges that weird and esoteric concept…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7

    real life abbie hoffman:
    "you are talking to a leftist. i believe in the redistribution of wealth and power in the world. i believe in universal hospital care for everyone. i believe that we should not have a single homeless person in the richest country in the world. and i believe that we should not have a CIA that goes around overwhelming governments and assassinating political leaders, working for tight oligarchies around the world to protect the tight oligarchy here…