Beyond Lemuria

Beyond Lemuria ★★★

after going through the soul-draining experience that is watching the latest christopher nolan film, i realized that i needed to go back to my roots, back to my REAL cinematic interests, which are weird esoteric digital video essay fantasias depicting ancient antediluvian civilizations, satanic occult magick rituals and underground hyper-dimensional alien warfare.

if you guys want the real truth concerning paranormal phenomena... this is it, you've found it. it alternates between being creepy and hilarious, just a totally unique experience where dry anthropological lectures bleed into reenactments of dark hermetic strip-teases, people spontaneously combusting because they read a book and subterranean aliens killing someone with a giant laser beam that causes death by orgasm?? it's fucking nuts and it's available for free on dailymotion. give it a whirl

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