Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

snyder really did it, he actually pulled it off, my man released a FOUR HOUR workprint in a 4:3 aspect ratio full of big dumb superheroes having big dumb messy emotions with the most gratuitous slomo and dorky needledrops he's ever had with a fucking 23 minute epilogue and he dedicated the damn thing to his dead daughter and i fucking respect the hell out of it.

is it his most proficient work? no, that would be sucker punch or watchmen, but this is the MOST snyder film he's made: one of the biggest cinematic flexes since michael cimino's heaven's gate, and that's no small company to be in. no matter what else can be said about justice league's incredible moments of emotional clarity or gargantuan scope, this is above all a victory for artistic integrity, vision and dedication. when the books eventually get written about this era of cinema, they'll have to dedicate an outsized chapter solely for a klutzy & stylish action movie director and the rabid fans who literally performed a miracle and resurrected one of his major artistic accomplishments from the gravedirt. he deserves all of that, and more.

also, snyder having a chapter titlecard called "the age of heroes" and then immediately hard-cutting to a broken stained-glass window of a soviet cosmonaut might be my favorite formalist gesture that he's ever done

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