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  • The Docks of New York
  • The Handmaiden
  • Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper
  • Green Snake

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  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

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  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    pretty much proof that you can sell anyone on the ideas behind socialism, mutual aid, and any other solidarity or community based ideas by presenting it in ways that relate to them or their friends. a masterful work and easily the greatest christmas movie of all time. this time of the year is always hard for me for various reasons and ever since i first watched this movie it’s put a lot of things in perspective for me and helped me find joy and something to be grateful for.

    Dear George,
    remember no man is a failure who has friends. 

    merry christmas everyone.

  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail


    When the dudes are rockin but there’s a hater in the midst.

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  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies

    social media generation satire disguised as a slasher, spent most of this movie with my eyes rolled all the way in the back of my head. the ending being some type of “Got ya!” aimed at zoomers only made this worse. feels like it was made by someone who still thinks kids are eating tide pods.

  • Watcher



    literally nothing happens in this movie until the last 5 minutes so i’m gonna give you a quick rundown and then you can fast forward to the last five minutes: 
    1. couple arrives in romania and goes to the apartment they rented, they bone down with the curtains open and then we’re set up for the movie. 
    2. lonely housewife notices someone in the window across the way while her husband works late nights
    3. woman gets paranoid about person…

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  • The Scary of Sixty-First

    The Scary of Sixty-First

    What if your most annoying online friend decided they were going to make a giallo

  • Walker



    Oh yeah no wonder no ones ever heard of this fucking movie, somehow Alex Cox convinced Universal Pictures to release maybe the most aggressively leftist film I’ve ever seen from a major studio. Nothing like this movie will ever happen again lol.

    Amazing score from Joe Strummer btw, this song in particular is so infectious and reminds me of the late era Clash sound that I love.