Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

I'm wondering whether I'm cut-out to critique films because I'm a chronic liker and often I don't want to search for "flaws" when I'm really enjoying a film. And enjoy this film I did! (I'm channelling Yoda). I suppose the worst I can say is that this isn't really deep, it didn't change anything in me or make me think about much. But it would be ridiculous if every film did.

If Knives Out failed in any of the tests of the genre I probably wouldn't spot the failures anyway because although I don't dislike murder mysteries, I'm not a particular fan. I'm just going to say that in my relative ignorance I think Knives Out is especially entertaining and very clever. I'm sure everyone who made it is justifiably proud. And in an ensemble of good performances Ana de Amas is a standout. I hope to see a lot lot more of her.

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