La La Land

La La Land ★★★★½

This is my Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Birthday Treat Number 2. I only allow myself to watch this on special occasions. LaLa Land is a magnificent film and I will always think so. I cried yet again.

The only reservation I have is what I've always thought - it starts off very musical with big musical numbers then there's a large section that's all drama, no dancing and so the tone seems a bit inconsistent. I started to watch the commentary track (I'm saving the rest for another special occasion) and apparently quite a few numbers were cut. I almost grieve for them. Chazelle said a big part of his job as director was softening the blow for Hurwitz the composer when he cut his songs. He even considered cutting Audition...imagine!

I'm a big Chazelle & Hurwtiz fan and I often listen to the soundtrack from their first film Guy and Madeleine on a Park Bench which I NEED to see. I will be forever indebted to anyone who can tell me how to find it. Anyway, I was gleeful to hear bits of it scattered into LaLa Land, once very clearly over the radio.

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