2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

You always hear you should see this on the biggest screen possible. That the power of 2001 can’t hit you the same way unless you’re in a dark theater, with a giant screen and a booming sound system.

Well, in the words of Han Solo:

“It’s true. All of it.”

What was once some ships floating through space becomes a whimsical dance that I can only compare to Fantasia in space as the soaring notes of Strauss’s Blue Danube fill the theater. 

What was once an overlong shot of a guy floating toward a satellite dish becomes a glorious exercise in tension-building, as every one of his breaths is felt in your own chest. 

What was once an overindulgent, confusing sequence of flashing lights (that went on for several minutes too long) becomes a visceral light speed flight through space time that never felt shorter. 

It’s not just that Kubrick’s fascinating, sometimes unendingly creative compositions are better when seen large (though they are), it’s the combination of the audio and visuals that does the trick. You have to feel the rumble of the soundtrack as you experience it.

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