Parasite ★★★★½

I can imagine many American directors would consider starting this film with narration along the lines of “we’re a poor family living in Korea, we do what ever it takes to stay alive and pay the bills”. How fucking lazy right? Not Bong Joon-Ho; his ability to immerse you in a poverty stricken region of Korea is frightfully visceral, the way he is able to integrate so many minor details that emulate the class divide. I’m not even sure what genre to classify this in and the fact it has elements of about 5 or 6 without feeling like a chaotic mess just shows how accurately Bong Joon-ho is able to capture real issues and give life to full bodied characters. It wasnt as much the pretty bonkers events -of which there are many- that impressed me as much as a lot of the subtleties emphasizing the classist themes that ultimately come to the forefront. The film is also beautiful simply to from a presentation stance, taking place mostly in a house fit for a Bond villain made all the more entrancing by mighty fine camerawork and a classical score brimming with tension.

I can’t help but notice just how many of the film’s plot points could have been avoided by a few simple social media and background checks, but when the rest of the filmmaking is at such a staggering level of proficiency it’s easy to overlook. It’ll be a very rare instance when the pace drags as the developments steadily emerge. With more efforts like this, Bong Joon-ho May yet emerge at the top of the heap of major Korean directors.

For now though, Park Chan-wook is king 👑

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