Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

These are my pretty initial reactions to the movie and I know I will have some more thoughts as I think about it more.

This is a movie that is incredibly well written, shot, acted, and edited. The dialogue is SO good. It's so raw, natural, and engaging. This is a dialogue heavy movie, but I was so engrossed throughout. Some scenes in this movie just blew me away with how well they were executed.

It's funny, and it's heartbreaking. I was surprised at how funny the jokes were. Most of all, it feels real. It feels like it's not even a scripted movie. From the very beginning, the listing of small details from day-to-day life just feels so beautifully specific and immediately relatable. It's incredible how intricately you get to understand both leads' perspectives. I truly forgot Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver were actors and I understood their characters so deeply.

At this point, I could watch this movie again and again even though it's painful and sad to watch, just because it's done so incredibly well.

And the ending! So good!

I'm genuinely struggling to find any significant thing wrong with this movie.