All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film ½


Swift's clear narcissism is so blatant throughout this. Watching this feels like the idea of an indie film as nothing more than an aesthetic with a cute grain filter to make the look more comfy and cozy. Figuring out how I am supposed to feel bad for the main character in this film is so stretched since both of them are bad partners yet everyone I know is busy posting about how Taylor is girlboss as fuck for what? Making a 15 minute short film about a 3 month relationship? 3 months? Only for the dude it's about to not care at all.

This short film made me so mad because it's so manipulative and Swift's manipulation on the most mundane and undramatic relationship on Earth allows for more people to think it's okay to be this toxic over the least toxic of things. Falling out of love. Manipulation like this allows more people to think this is okay to do and make victim complexes which makes one think it is okay to harass people for no reason. Much like what happened to me last March. She is still making Tik Toks about me (and to clarify neither of us were in the right when we ended that relationship! Taking account which Taylor Swift clearly can't) It's another toxic case of not acknowledging both partners can be bad and not just the guy or the girl. And that is why I get so mad. Teaching young listeners that accountability doesn't need to be held when both parties are in the wrong.

Not to mention how do actual abuse victims feel when THIS is now being compared?? Clearly this is happening because so many fans are literally acting like Taylor was a victim. It's almost as if Taylor Swift was looking around her room and under her rug for the closest example of her being a possible victim. The biggest stretch she could ever make.

Literally how do I possibly feel bad for the girl in this film. I'm sure he doesn't remember all too well because of how manipulative this all is.

If you told me this was an experiment on a musician's narcissism at least I could have some fun comparing this to my roommate lmao.

Maybe I am just the problem lmao clearly it did something

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