Injustice ★★

Maybe we could get a nice Superman movie one of these days?

Injustice is underwhelming. It covers way too much ground in too little time, with character taking a back seat to plot. This plot could have easily sustained an entire TV series, but I think it should have just stayed as a game and a comic. I felt absolutely nothing at the ending.

It also doesn’t help that everyone and their dog has been doing ‘evil Superman’ these days: Obviously the Injustice games, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Boys, Eternals, Invincible, Brightburn, Reign of the Supermen, Crisis on Two Earths, Red Son, and even the upcoming videogame Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have all worn this trope out to some extent.

Also: Most of my time watching this was admittedly occupied by thinking about how awesome Plastic Man would be in Injustice 3.

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