Æon Flux ★★★★

Although its animation and visuals are unique and notable, I actually found Æon Flux the most thought-provoking as an exploration of sympathy.

The central character (the BDSM Betty Spaghetti known as Æon Flux,) isn’t necessarily sympathetic,  or even defined; she is not a hero or anti-hero, but a person. The soldiers she fights and the targets she’s after are equally mysterious and multi-faceted; receiving their own range of surprisingly intimate human beats. 

I haven’t seen the rest of the series, but I can guess this is one of those CCTV dystopias. 

-Oh wait oh no I don’t have to guess I just remembered I’ve seen that Charlize Theron version-

Anyway, none of these characters are putting on a show, but we are watching. Not just us, but other characters are watching. The news is watching. Faceless government agencies are watching. We the audience become the surveillant police state at its most voyeuristic and intrusive. 

Minimal exposition is required to provide us with a tiny glimpse into these lives, whether we’re watching the targets with Æon through a window... or watching her watch them. Without a single line of dialogue, we understand all these skinny people-shaped drawings on some deeper level.

Well, okay, I don’t know them that well, but I can tell they’re horny. That’s for dang sure.

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