Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone ★★★★

Man, you know that final sequence in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood? I saw it for the first time opening night in a packed theater, and the simultaneous elation and shock from the audience was palpable. My wife had her hands over her face (but her eyes peeking through her fingers.) Gasps, screams, cheers. It was the one time I wasn’t bugged by an audience making noise.

That’s the only thing I could compare to my experience watching Punisher: War Zone. It’s absurdly over-the-top, unforgettably grotesque, and highly cathartic. Imagine if that snoozefest Dick Tracy movie wasn’t boring and instead featured gangsters getting impaled in the eye with chair legs and peoples’ heads exploding into a gooey paste from *really* strong punches.

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