The Matrix Revolutions ★★

I don’t love most of this movie, in fact, the middle 40 minutes or so is almost pure cinematic torture for me. Still, I’ve gotta say: the dude who plays Bane (real world Agent Smith) nails it. It’s one of the best performances of its kind, and he really melts away and combines with Weaving’s character. I doubt there’s a lot of opportunity in Hollywood for a Hugo Weaving impersonator, but if I needed one I’d know who to get. 

These sequels are a mixed bag, but they’re more misguided than anything; think Attack of the Clones, not Battlefield Earth. They’re ambitious, strange, and sometimes really cool. I quite like about half of the stuff with Neo, but only about 5% of the stuff with everyone else. With a lot of work Reloaded and Revolutions could have been phenomenal, but I don’t think they hit the mark. I’m still excited for the fourth film despite it being a long shot, and I’m excited for the weird nonsense they’re assuredly whipping up for it. I will say this as a suggestion (which the Wachowskis will never read:) Keep being weird, but watch a few more Hong Kong action movies before this next one.

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