The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★

I haven’t watched X-Men: Tokyo Drift since it was in theaters, and I’ll be honest: it didn’t leave a huge impression. Along with barely remembering the plot, I unfortunately also forgot that it’s... kind of a good movie. It has admirably stylized imagery and excellent performances, and (importantly) it has a focused narrative; that’s something I cannot say for the first Wolverine solo movie.

Sadly, just like the original X-Men trilogy, The Wolverine ends on a wet fart. It’s luckily not an utter disaster, but you can tell this thing got kneecapped by the studio for the last third. It indulges itself on the conveniences and cliches of the era, with a big dumb cgi villain (and a designated parkour guy, although he’s in the whole movie.) The final section cheapens the experience and is probably the reason why I forgot all about the majority of the movie being solid.

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