Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★★

I think that the idea of Snake Plissken is probably one of the best things ever. Giant cobra tattoo, eyepatch, leather jacket, urban camo pants, hatred for any rules or order, and the ultimate badass.

Escape from New York is just one of the best B-movies ever made. The plot is simple, but undeniably cool. The President is trapped in a land locked prison that was once Manhattan and one guy is going on to save him. What else do you need to want to watch this movie? 

The execution is what makes this movie so special. John Carpenter directing at his prime (also delivering one of his classic scores that sets the mood), Kurt Russell being the national treasure he is as Snake, so many classic character actors turning in memorable performances, great action and the dystopian Manhattan backdrop is glorious. This and Mad Max really set the bar for what you could do with a small budget. 

You could nitpick and argue that there’s small flaws here and there, but for me this movie has it all. It’s rewatchable, fun, and just cool. This and The Thing are tied as my favorite John Carpenter movies.