Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★

Groundhog Day is the perfect example of a high-concept comedy executed to perfection. In lesser hands this could have been a complete misfire. Luckily, Groundhog Day has a really thoughtful and intelligent script, assured direction by Harold Ramis, and a true movie-star performance by Bill Murray. I find it really funny that I'm just watching this now because the concept has been used to death in films like Edge of Tomorrow or Happy Death Day. The concept is ripe for potential with any genre, but it's amazing to see that Groundhog Day gets it right immediately. Usually you'll see films with great concepts that get perfected by future films, but in this case, the original did it best.

As somebody who thinks that Bill Murray is our best dramatic comedian, this film might be the greatest example of that. He seamlessly weaves slapstick, dry humor, and dramatic chops with ease. I can't imagine this film with anybody else. His arc from jerk, to free-wheeling goofball, to carefree zombie, to finally a selfless man in love is quite simply brilliantly written and performed in equal measure. The looped concept is great but this very human arc that Murray goes through is why this timeless classic will endure forever.

Groundhog Day is deserving of it's status as a bonafide classic. It is an absolutely brilliant high-concept comedy with very real stakes. Bill Murray has never been better.

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