The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

"My dear friend and cousin, how good to see you've returned from...?"
"Hell. I'm sure you shall pass through it one day."

Yorgos Lanthimos continues his masterful idiosyncratic streak of nasty fairytales for adults. A rich and beautifully shot period piece that’s as fun as it is haunting. Lanthimos never lets you come up for air. It's hilarity and nastiness always reigns supreme. There isn't a dull moment in the movie. The performances by Colman, Weisz, and Stone are absolutely standout. Despite three powerhouse female performances you still have Nicolas Hoult stealing scenes with comic lunacy and demented backstabbing gimmicks. When I say this movie is funny, I mean it's deeply and darkly funny. When I say this movie is nasty, it's deliciously nasty.

You’ll see no more singularly trenchant and timely work than Lanthimos’s nasty little masterpiece of sexual intrigue, humiliation, power plays, and grief. I also love how deeply feminist it is. As Emma Stone brilliantly put it "It's very intimate between these women, they slap each other, they kiss each other, they make love to each other, they argue with each other, they flatter, it's very... women getting to do just about everything there is to do."

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