Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★½

You can be alone without being lonely, Bruce.

that shit hurted.

very grateful that i was sent a private link to Fritz’s new film and boy was it something.

Take Me Out is as gripping, deep, and profoundly moving as he’s made it out to be on LB, instagram, and twitter AND then some. it’s extremely well-shotwith  Hollywood studio level cinematography, especially for a student thesis film. the whole film was just an unabashed rush of blood to the head via visual storytelling.

Fritz’s inspirations are very apparent here in this film whether or not you follow his social media accounts, but he also has his own style of filmmaking that i really think he’s shaping into his own. the abscene of color, muted backgrounds, color contrasted flashbacks, etc. it’s very beautiful and definitely his own.

this is an incredible short film and i truly hope that you’re proud of your own cinematic achievement, Fritz. you are definitely going places. 

the next Ari Aster what what?? i.e., making indie short films to being given a budget by A24 or NEON to tell a story only he can tell. 

bravo. send tweet. log film.

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