The Wizard of Oz ★★★★

Film #28 of the Road to 1k

Is it bad that I only just realised that I hadnt ever sat down to watch this film prior to this viewing. Like I knew everything about the plot and music numbers, but at no point in my life have I ever just sat down and viewed the entire movie. Am glad its finally changed today.

I mean there really isnt much I can say about this film, its incredibly technically impressive, being one of the first technicolour films. The music numbers are amazing and so catchy. You cant help but love the cast and characters.

My only real problems with this film is it's incredibly basic narrative that feels a little bare bones. We spend a while just watching introductions to characters and what they desire. And also fuck the munchkins, they are so unpleasant to actually listen to, that this film is losing half a star purely for them existing. Did you really need to pitch them up that high. I hate them so much.