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Favorite films

  • The Thing
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Phantom of the Paradise

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  • Wolfwalkers

  • Sexy Beast

  • Pretty Woman

  • Lisa Frankenstein

Recent reviews

  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    This is a review of Brian De Palma’s 1974 film Phantom of the Paradise. It’s about a brilliant singer-songwriter (William Finley) who is tricked into giving up his precious melodies to an exploitative music producer (Paul Williams). Meanwhile, he undergoes a ghastly transformation into the Phantom of the Opera — I mean the Paradise. 

    Happy Halloween!

    The POV shot of Winslow sneaking into the Paradise is cool but a little unrealistic. Does anyone have any peripheral vision?

    I think this…

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    This is a review of Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson (and Phil Lord & Chris Miller and everyone involved)’s 2023 film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. It’s a sequel to 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse and is about Miles Morales who goes on an adventure with Gwen Stacy and meets the Spider-Society, led by Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099), who capture “anomalies” and ensure “canon events” in order to prevent the multiverse from collapsing. They conflict on how to deal with…

Popular reviews

  • Jaws



    This is a review of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws. It’s about a shark that terrorizes a small island community and three men who go to hunt it down.

    It has a reputation as “the first summer blockbuster”, and for good reason. It grossed half a billion on a budget of only $9 million, the highest-grossing film of all time until Star Wars took that title. It was one of the first films to saturate the television with ads (featuring…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    This is a review of Wes Craven’s 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s about a baddie who kills teenagers in their dreams, but when they die in their dreams they die for real. The Final Girl must fight to prove that she’s not insane, and fight for her life.

    There are so many iconic scenes in this. Tina bleeding across the ceiling, the knife-fingers reaching through Nancy’s legs in the bathtub, the upside down waterfall of blood coming…