Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I already know a ton of people are going to just write this off as a plotless, overlong bore but for me, watching "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" was equivalent to being in heaven for nearly 3 hours. I loved every single second of this movie and i'd probably go as far as saying this is the least Tarantino movie in his entire filmography if that makes any sense. The film is shot beautifully, the soundtrack is killer and the writing of course is fantastic. Robbie is really good here albeit a little wasted but Pitt and DiCaprio turn in two of their best performances to date. DiCaprio gives one of the best performances of his career here while Pitt plays maybe my favourite character I've seen in a movie all year. The final 20 minutes of this movie also end this on an extremely high note, they won't be for everyone but man did I ever eat it up. This isn't perfect, as fast as the runtime flew by there are admittedly some scenes that didn't need to be in here but honestly that's such a minor gripe. I loved this movie, it's a nice homage and tribute to old school Hollywood with memorable characters and more laughs than you'd expect. Can't wait to see how this plays with audiences.

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