Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

An absolute mess but a mess I enjoyed the living hell out of. "Suicide Squad" may not have lived up to my incredibly high expectations for it but it's still better than 40% of the superhero films this year, and one of the better films I've seen this summer. It's one of those movies that while you're watching it, you notice things that they could've done or not done to make it much better (kinda like "Fantastic Four" last year but not anywhere near to being as abysmal as that film). The film moves at an incredibly fast pace which kept the movie flowing nice and managed to never be boring but I wish this film had of been a bit longer so that we could've gotten more development and probably not as choppy editing. But other than that and a pretty weak villain, I enjoyed pretty much everything else. The biggest thing being the cast. Jared Leto makes for an interesting Joker even if he is underused. As a big Harley Quinn fan, I couldn't have asked for a better portrayal than Margot Robbie. Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnamen are also pretty damn good as well delivering the best performances of their careers. But the heart and soul of this movie is Will Smith. It was so cool getting to see Smith back in a role where he is as charismatic as ever and he definitely has the most development and heartfelt scenes. The action sequences all deliver quite well (except that horrific climax), and are as entertaining as they looked. The cinematography just like the past two DCEU films is great, and unlike most people I loved the soundtrack. "Suicide Squad" is underwhelming for sure but it still entertained me and satisfied me enough to leave the theater not feeling disappointed unlike other films this summer. I feel like if this gets an ultimate cut as well, It will be much better received.

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