Tenet ★★★★

I was one of the many people who thought for sure this wasn't coming out this summer or let alone this year, but it honestly felt pretty good to be wrong in this case because "Tenet" is another visual marvel from Christopher Nolan that demands to be seen on the big screen.

Like every Nolan movie all the technical aspects are fantastic including the excellent score and stunning cinematography but what impressed me most here, were the action sequences and editing. This film is edited in a way unlike anything I've ever seen and because of that it makes the action sequences feel wholly unique and gripping.

Performance wise, there's nothing to complain about. John David Washington is a movie star, Kenneth Branagh is really great as the villain while Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki turn in wonderful work here too and are the characters you latch onto the most.

While the character work like a few other Nolan movies isn't the greatest, my main issue with this one was with the plot and don't worry I won't even give a hint of a spoiler. The plot is extremely complex and I don't think it's humanly possible to pick up on everything in just one viewing. It also throws you right into it and hardly ever gives you time to breathe until the second half when you can start piecing some things together.

I wanted to sleep on this one before reviewing it because I was really puzzled when I walked out of the theater and to be honest I still am. But even when I was desperately trying to keep up with the plot, I was still pretty enthralled with everything happening. If you feel safe going to the movies, this is absolutely worth going out and seeing when it opens near you.

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